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Do they have vegetarian options?


Does Viet Orleans Bistro now have full bar? Or only wine, sake, beer as in past? Since they’re now open weekends, and have resumed sushi menu, too, I thought they may have expanded bar service too.

Yes they have all Dat now. Service is wonderful.

Closed Sat & Sun, why???

This place is popular with local business people mainly for lunch. Probably doesn't make sense to open on the weekends. Try nine roses in the quarter if you are craving Vietnamese in the area.

Hi, I had dinner at your restaurant last night and left my raybans on the table. I went by today but the place is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Is there anything you can do? We're leaving new Orleans tomorrow

Hi. Thanks for your response. Can you contact me please to see if you can post it to my hotel. I'd pay of course.

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